" Satu, in my opinion, is one of the best yoga teachers/facilitators in the world. In my 20+ years of being a practitioner and a teacher almost as long, I have taken plenty of 200h trainings, workshops and advanced trainings with world renown yoga teachers. They have given me a lot, but not nearly as much as Satu's 200h and 300h has.

She is a conduit of divine. She is a master of holding space. I think she can even read minds as every cue is just a perfect reflection of what I am going through. Funny thing is that in sharing circles you come to find out that it was so for everyone in the group. Never have I ever gone as deep into myself, yoga, and embodiment as with her. She ignites the healer in me.

She is amazing at sequencing, amazing with language, amazing story teller, amazing knower of the human body, and nobody in the world uses music like she does. No one. It's out of this world, but still so in it.

My intention with this message is to kick Satu's butt to expand further and tell all of you to go to her! The world needs you Satu!

Don't go to the "famous teachers", do the best service for your life and go to Satu. She will rock your world and support you even if you don't know it yet. Her teachings keep unraveling as I go and even the ones that brought resistance are now bringing knowledge and peace.

I have a feeling that she, also, will be famous very soon if she wants that. I just think she doesn't. She is just here to serve.

Go to her!"


- M (one of the very loved and a bit famous ;) teachers in the world)

Satu is in my opinion one of the most amazing teachers in the world. The talent for holding space, the all seeing eye, the knowledge, curiosity and ability to create magic... 

In addition she is a very open and generous person, always supportive, trusting and inclusive. 

I have taken several trainings with Satu, these are designed to lift You as a person, to help You find your true voice, your inner truth, to find your own answers, not pushing you into a format or a truth created by someone else. It can be tough if you want straight answers, right or wrong. Huuuge reading lists will for sure give you the facts too, but first and foremost it is Satus ability to make me grow as a person, and thereby as a teacher, to help me find Me and My flow, that is so special.

- Marie Romani, Stockholm






Your classes feed my soul and whole being.


A chance to deeply connect to myself and be truthful to myself and others. Humbleness, kindness, honesty, rawness, simplicity, trust and words that speak to my heart. Metaphors. New dimensions. Mysterious, sacred, exciting. Fun, focused, transparent. Trust trust trust. Letting go.

So thank you. I am so thankful to have you here. If you taught every day, I would be there.

See you tomorrow ❤️ - Ana, Stockholm

I would like to begin by saying how much I feel I have grown under your tuition and guidance.

Prior to undertaking the Embodied trainings I was beginning to wonder if I was slightly ‘fraudulent’. What I mean by this is that I never felt under any pressure to be a ‘perfect’ (I know that does not exist!) yogi guy. I could never tie myself up in pretzel poses and I had no desire to being completely honest – but – I did resonate with how the practice of yoga made me feel and how I was able to observe how it made other’s feel, and it was this that I clung to and I’m so, so glad that I did.

Although I practice in a ‘nice studio’ I don’t teach in them, and this is actually very intentional (for me personally anyway). 

There are quite a few myths about what it means to teach yoga – i.e. that it can only exist in a glossy studio that can then be shared on Instagram.

Well, I for one appear to be an exception to that particular rule I guess.

However, make no mistake that I go into these classes unafraid to speak about the different systems we tap into, no matter what stereotype the student is, no matter how many turn up to class, no matter that there may be music playing in the gym next door – I just do it, and will continue to just do it. 

In the main, the students do appear to tap into it fully and completely and I have to say I do enjoy it when they tell me they haven’t had a class quite like that before! 


Who are we to assume that just because you turn up to, what once would have been considered ‘Church Hall Yoga’ classes that you are unable to tune in, feel, embody?

I love that I have witnessed this little group at first hand see yoga as a purely physical practice (great) – they enjoyed their bodies becoming stronger and more flexible (great).  Then I watched as the shift occurred when they practiced with me more than once a week and they began to catch me after class to discuss how their ‘lives’ were changing – how they viewed themselves and others (even more great!). It’s been a joy to observe all their personal definitions of yoga change as they blossom as practitioners. My teaching under your guidance has become less ‘mechanical’ and I trust myself so much more to listen to myself and teach what I know and love.

I take such heart that I have been allowed to be me, with all my flaws and my inconsistencies because I have something (a lot actually!) to offer to others.

These trainings have been a real force of growth to me – it has indeed, been a journey and I have to say, I loved every single minute of it. Yes, I have more ‘knowledge’ from these trainings – but ultimately, I’m a better person for taking them, which in turn should, hopefully, make me a better teacher.

It’s been really cathartic too to let go of any sense of what I had previously been taught ‘was right’ – yes! – the one and only ‘right’ way.  Well, I can safely say that I am glad that I hit a space / wall where this did not begin to sit well with me and that I queried and questioned this way of practice – enough to be guided to you Satu!

The beginner’s mind is truly, truly the best way forward and I say this in my classes. We should embrace being new, see it as mysterious and wonderful, because it is – who wants to be ‘perfect’ anyway?

How humbling is it to finally realise that no matter how ‘good’ we think we are at anything (think being the operative word by the way!) – that we always have a way to go, more to learn, more to experience and question. Can I say that I feel ‘brave’ teaching in the embodied style, particularly as a man?.........well I am going to say that Satu! 


I’ve realised that this way of teaching leaves no hiding place, there is no ‘script’ to recite, there are no ‘set posture’s to ‘do’……….I am not knocking other styles by the way, I just see how much more of ourselves we have to give in this way of sharing with others. I feel meeting you and taking your TT’s has been something of a “light bulb moment” in that so many times I’ve had the sensation of ah, that’s what it means.... etc. This is the reason I quote Bruce Lee so often, the whole “be like water” and “don’t think, feeeeeeel”-it’s you too Satu, that’s the embodiment to me.

I understand now why I teach, and it has taken a while let me tell you.  If I’m being completely honest I was hesitant to teach, I wondered if it was for me.  However, thankfully, it’s  as though you can’t help yourself from wanting to share what you have learned with others, and particularly the ‘stuff’ that we have learned with you needs sharing far and wide, and then wider still.

Thank you for the ‘formal’ 300 hours; thank you for your humour; thank you for encouraging us to have enquiring minds and to question everything with fullness and without fear or favour; thank you for the mentorship which is still ongoing; and thank you for friendship which I hope will forever continue.

What do you say when thank you doesn’t seem enough…………”until next time”.


- Gary Kirk, Liverpool





I decided to take this course, solely based on intuition.

I had taken one class with Satu in the summer '15 and the class stayed with me and helped reshape my home practice.

I found that I tapped into something that I always had in me, but had forgotten about since childhood, after that one hour. I wasn't so conscious about it at the time, but something had shifted.


A year later, I took another class with her and went up to her afterwards and asked how I could have more, so to speak :) She mentioned that she would hold a teacher training on Bali the following year and I decided to go in that moment!

During the following months, my mind kept telling me that this was a silly idea and that I should practice much longer, before doing my YTT.


One day my husband and I booked our flights to Bali though, ignored the voice and went! The continuation of a process and the beginning of a new chapter started right there in the first days of 2017 Right away, I felt that I was seen and accepted by my two teachers and also by the group, which was so diverse but fitted together so well for this journey to begin.


There just wasn't any reason to hide and that let to so many releasing tears and profound moments during the course.

Each day was like a new chapter of a book with too many pages to read in one month, but we read it anyway.


We started each morning with an hour of Pranayama, mantra singing and meditation - something that was new to me in practice. We learned from the tantric tradition, which is woven through all of the embodied teachings and makes it so alive for me.

After the meditation, we did asanas. Every lesson opened a new door in my way of understanding movement. Always guided with precise cueing, music and full of rich inner pictures.

Previously when I did yoga, my movements were copied, largely from the outside world and I moved from my thoughts. I didn't connect the movements with who I am, my feelings and what moves through me. It's an amazing tool they have given me and it changes how I perceive the world.


The theoretical part of the course covered so much - we learned anatomy, went through basic and advanced asanas, theoretically and in practice, learned yoga philosophy, yoga history and so much more. I'm continuously amazed by how much we covered in such a short amount of time. We also quickly started to teach each other and it was scary for me to do so at first. They guided us very carefully and with a lot of understanding and humour through our teaching practice, leaving no one out, and I felt encouraged and started believing more in myself through the process.

I finished the course feeling like I’m finally on my path and that feeling has continued and is growing stronger each day.


- Helene Bloch, Copenhagen


Satu Tuomela and Tiina Ravelin co-orchestrated an excellent teacher training. The course encompassed a thoroughly comprehensive overview of everything a new yoga teacher might require, from yoga philosophy, to pedagogy, to perfecting asanas and meditation.

Beyond the theoretical, the teachers intertwined wonderful yoga sessions and created a loving, nurturing space for the whole group, making all feel seen, cared-for and understood.


Being relatively new to yoga, and perhaps a little sceptical, I have been won over by Satu and Tiina’s open-heartedness and true authenticity, as their tribe’s name suggests.

More than simply knowledge and experience, I have taken with me great gifts of guidance and inspiration for making changes in my life, and hopefully in those of my future students.


- Mike Block-Levermore, Copenhagen


Satu is intuitive and creative teahcer, always working from the inside-out. I find Satu’s  teachings always empowering and thanks to her I have found my own strengths and unique gifts as a teacher. Satu encourages you to trust your body, the process and the flow. Warmly recommend.

- Susanna Jussila, Helsinki