Pranama, Stockholm

Depth - 100h Advanced Teacher Training


14-21 June 2018


Pranama Stockholm

If you don’t go deep within, you will go without.

This is a 7 day self-healing exploration path of the Yin and Yang elements of yoga & life. Investigating Chinese Medicine and the 5 Transforming Powers of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal and the meridians. Investigating more of the energy anatomy and the movement of Qi or Prana in the body. With daily studies in meditation & chanting, the basic and new innovative yin yoga poses, Embodied Flow and myofascial release techniques, you will learn how to be the best possible facilitator to hold a sacred space for a yin & yang practice guided with a embodied feel.

You will also dive deeper into the Power of Touch as a teacher and learn techniques from Shamanism, Reiki and Body-Mind Centering®.  

Facilitators: Satu Tuomela 


This teaching is in English, but finnish and swedish traslation available

Full module includes a self study portion after the training which includes 38h home pranayama, meditation, asana from different systems, planning classes, writing an essay of the training (and after) experience. Done in about 4 weeks.


Pranayama, chanting and meditation


Yang practice 

(Vinyasa Flow, Embodied Flow™)



Breakfast break


Energy anatomy/Chinese medicine


Lunch break


Asana lab/Flow lab/assists

(Biomechanics, alignment, embodied practices, the power of touch)



Yin Yoga/Restorative/self healing practices

Including Training and materials 

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Early bird price 1100€ when training is paid when booked.


1300€ when 600 € non-refundable reservation fee paid upon booking.

The rest paid 90 days before the training starts.

If you have any more questions about this training please contact: